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Star-board is the direct of the stars, and Port is the direction of the port.

Everything is Virtual. Orient.

There are a few core things to get rolling correctly in a company – for anyone, you, and me.

The process is generally broken up into pieces of the company’s operational structure. It helps to see this on your own, in case no one presents it this way.

Agile, and Harmony

Across all of the practices and guidance you will learn when onboarding, ‘agile’ practice will appear as a common tenet. Practice agility aims for a kind of efficiency. Since ‘efficiency’ often gets muddled with multiple meanings, there is another word that perfects fits the aim of agile: “Achdus”. Achdus is the principle of harmonious interconnetion between all involved things — people, processes, and systems.

The harmony of achdus respects, and leverages, the complex interweaving of the differences inherent for those involved. We could hardly better-state the aim of designing and evolving agile practices. Agile practices ask of us to remain sensitive to the nature of things: those we work with, the situations that emerge, the nature of our environment, and the horizons we hold.

The sensitivity allows us to relax into norms and remain aware for uncommon things that need a measure of attention — as well as when time has shown that we need to adapt and change practices.

CAP Theorem in Org Dynamics

A study has shown that, under time-pressure, people will go against their sense-of-correctness, and socially conform.

In context, it may mean that speed of workflow can get reduced below a threshold of efficiency that is worse that the ‘wrong answer’.

i.e. if this is a metric toward the way that “IQ is lower in groups” if so, it could help toward defining ideal group sizes relative to necessary speed.


A tree of corporate structure, and you orientation


🔗 More details on Corp-level onboarding.


🔗 More details on Departmental onboarding.


team-specific workflow diagram


There are many cognitive studies on chat systems, and so on. One of the most common tangible anti-patterns of chat is the communication of passwords, and other shared secrets.

🔗 More details on onboarding into a team.

Functional Area

🔗 More details on onboarding into a company’s guilds.

Errata and Invitation

There are many other apps and other things - so if you have ideas to be added to this list (ping your boss or another leader) or the wiki pages (update at will), then thanks for your feedback.

Never hesitate to reach out with any questions on accounts, tooling, and configuration, or grab anyone else around you. Alacrity

Onboarding Model

Having said all that, here is a summary model:


Onboarding types

Each of these will have specifications per team and function.