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NHO steps - Corp. Level

Calendar best practices

Team calendar items should not use the “OOO type” event.

Change the event type to “Event”, not type of “OOO”. Watch out that it may accidentally switch back if you put “OOO” in the name of the event, too.

The “OOO” event type will make those day(s) blocked out for everyone that is subscribed to the PTO calendar!

On the Team PTO calendar, only create “all-day” events, like “PTO” or “half day”, etc.

No events that just span several hours.

Events that cover just several hours of the day will get in the way of scheduling for others that leave the team calendar ‘on’ (planning, management, etc). Put the partial-day OOOs on your own calendar.

There you can make them an “OOO event type” that, correctly, auto-declines new meetings involving you!

Work Culture

For distributed (remote) teams, make culture and expectation-setting a clear and specific part of the NHO process.