Thoughts on working together, and supporting organizations

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NHO steps - Departments

Leadership board

Having a leadership board is as important as a team’s scrum board, Product’s ‘idea board’, ops post-mortems, or the list/notes from retrospective.

An Initiative

These can follow the “PRFAQ” format, of pitching the change and ‘new world’, followed by Q&A items. Some good items to address:

When there are strongly differing opinions on Why or How, it may be appropriate to plan and vett both/all approaches.

Outcomes and Cost

Review Meetings

There are a few foci for the group-think around leadership initiatives. They can happen as the agenda for one regular meeting, or any other break-out that works for everyone. (it’s just a decision of team culture & psychology)

Remember what should be done live, and what should be done asynchronously.