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Anatomy of web stacks

The reality is that many of these intersect each other in a way that a linear list cannot convey correctly. As well, the closeness of each group to each other, differs based on the purpose for which the web application serves.











Design Patterns

The topic of design patterns is moreover the semantics of the language of systems. While ‘architecture’ may take the form of the measurement, by the history of these measures the signifiers of ‘design patterns’ appear.

Some of these:

Without a more elaborate dictionary of patterns, we can already consider how the total set of all patterns is the configurations of different resource types defined by the ‘metal’ of the OS.

Graphical Rendering

While this file is not the ideal place for it, let’s quickly capture an outline of the design pattern of a pipeline for rendering complex visualizations

  1. Raw Data
  2. Analysis
  3. Preprocess
  4. Filtering
  5. View
  6. Mapping
  7. Geometric (data structure)
  8. Draw (or, UI library)
  9. Graphic
  10. Interactivity

Raw Data

CPU/GPU hardware, data acquisition, profiling, cleaning, compression


data cleaning, statistics, data modeling


basic algorithms, statistical algorithms, common layout algorithms


trigonometric function, linear algebra, geometric algorithm


Canvas, SVG, WebGL, computational graphics, graph theory, engine design, shaders,


visual coding, visual analysis, graphical interaction, display hardware/target


design principles, aesthetic judgment, color, perception, cognition, cognitive load, interaction, psychology


When do you decide to build native mobile vs. mobile web, and can a multi-platform framework be used?

Anything written here will get dated as frameworks evolved. That said, native mobile is still better when the app needs

Mixes of these that can trigger issues could include where chat messaging happens in the app, but then you also expect the user receive notifications when the app is in the background.


It is important to remember that typesafety is only a ‘special case’ of design pattern. You must decide when and how it is best applied in service of the real value to the team and to the business.

Typesafety affords:

What it does not afford:

Program correctness can have important value for the product and business. Mindfully validate if this correctness is necessary, and is necessary within the context of the program itself. Compare/consider if the program need to be internally correct, or if only the data needs to be correct when emitted or consumed. API correctness and data-store correctness can be handled with other distributed systems design patterns.

API Health

The metabolism of APIs and their environment.

One of the spanning concepts here is to profile API consumer, to understand who and how.

Onboarding time probably represents one of the most complicated KPIs to solve, since it involves a rabbit-hole of prospective API user demographic segments. Some have called this ‘time to hello world’.


When to microservice? There are few common principles for making the decision. Think of these as heuristics for semantics of your domain

  1. What is the ratio of feature (external business) endpoints, to integration (internal private) endpoints in a given service?
  2. Are there, business-wise, unrelated endpoints in a service? Can you split them across two or more services without introducing integration-oriented endpoints?
  3. Would merging two services eliminate endpoints that were added to integrate the original services?

Use these heuristics to guide the design of your services’ boundaries and interfaces.