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The Anatomy of Email Engagement Systems

Email Database

First Party

The addition of these services will require the storage and access of data gathered about an email, external to a lead. This database would facilitate campaign (or another microservice) in being able to manage these in an abstract manner and fork updates to relevant subscribers (like ESPs).

CDP and CIP repositories

Campaign Management

Ongage is an email management tool which sits above ESPs (and SMS) to consolidate information and allow marketing to create transactional, drip, and campaign based email changes without engineering involvement (post setup)


  1. Integrate SG via API tokens put in Ongage, separate via IP.
  2. Feed new leads into Ongage via their API (dupe info coming from SG)
  3. Add events to fire to ongage
    • Current TXL trigger (Rate Table Created)
  4. Create webhook receiver to receive ongage events and replicate to DW
  5. Remove TXL and Remarketing Email from current system (handoff to marketing to turn on Ongage version)
  6. Rollout across rest of email ecosystem.

Social Sourcing

Social a useful tool for lead gen and consumer engagement.

Influencer profiles are an important part of outreach, requiring training just like any other facet of PR.

Address Validation

Fresh address is an API which provides statuses for an email’s likelihood of deliverability. Given an email address, systems should return statuses like spam trap, disposable email, regular complainer.

​Engineering / Integration

Global Suppressions

Aim to build a centralized suppression list management solution, to manage unsubscribes across emailers (internal and 3rd party) and improve distribution to vendors.

​Engineering / Integration

Reputation Monitoring

Pipeline Updates For New Sending Domains Setup each to be usable by the Unsub system

Supply partner isolation

Create a pipeline to create and monitor isolated domains for partner sends.

  1. Script (TF template) creation of DNS entries, CF Distro, Lambda@Edge to only allow approved PPs, pointing to consumer service.
  2. Create monitoring dashboard for maintenance and view of existing domains

Inbox mechanics

Time to inbox audit and improvement Get our TXL email in inbox first


Types of Fraud Risk Result of Risk Manual indicators or precautions Automatic Proactive Precautions Reactive Precautions  
Bot Traffic Wasted ad budget  Spike in traffic/ conversions * Low Retention * Low Activity   Manual review of traffic in BI deep dive  
Click Fraud Poor optimization Wasted budget Abnormal Click to acquisition ratios.High Activity, Low/high Retention/acquistion Forensiq (Impact Radius),White Ops,Fraudlogix,Integral Ad Science BI deep dive
Conversion Fraud Revenue impact twice over as money for fraudulent conversions can’t be used for legitimate traffic. High # of acquisitions with low activity   BI deep dive  
Fraud signups and application * Fake acquisitions resulting in low brand expectations * loss of reputation * Demand side conversion issues increased signups and decrease or stagnant conversion https://sift.com/products/account-defense, https://trunarrative.com/what-we-do/application-fraud/, https://www.datavisor.com/industry-solutions/financial-services/application-fraud/, https://blockscore.com/ BI reviews  
Content Fraud Fines, loss of reputation Spike in traffic/ conversions * Low Retention * Low or extremely abnormal high Activity Performline * Manual review of traffic * Audit Scanning  
Email Fraud * CANSPAM violations * loss of reputation * low conversions * Low Activity,Complaints Lashback